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why are we getting a movie about ant-man, a domestic abuser, when we could be getting a black widow movie instead. thats what i want to know

The character who slapped his wife Wanda was Hank Pym who is the classic ant man but the forthcoming ant-man movie is based off the current ant-man who’s name is Scott Lang who has not had the chance yet to keep his pimp hand strong.

Look at this person and look what they call humor. Don’t be this person.

I seriously need some more de-aged Bucky fics

Cause a scolding little boy fussing over how (the now really big) Steve is still reckless

Or a miniature Winter Soldier pouting when Steve and the other Avengers catch him while he was hiding out to keeping an eye on Steve 

Or the Avengers find de-aged Bucky while Steve is out of the country. babysitting him as he reeks havoc on the tower demanding to see Steve